Welcome to our family farm!

 Our family has been blessed to live and work here on the same Ohio Heritage  Family Farm since 1844.  Raising livestock and cultivating the fields for production of all natural and locally grown products has been our family's love and work for over 170 years .   This same natural approach to raising locally grown hops will provided area craft brewers and home brewers an opportunity to produce truely local beers of the highest possible quality.

Ten varieties of hops were started in 2017 by the 5th generation of Low farmers.  Great care is taken to produce the highest quality hops and hops products by following strict production  practises required by the Ohio Hops Growers Guild.  Fresh, whole cone or pelleted hops are offered to you and your business by pre-ordering or on demand in the varieties of your choice.  You can even "pick your own"  hops and strawberries in season on a limited basis. 

In addition we raise hay, corn, soybeans, small grains, a modest "all natural" vegatable garden and several native beehives.   Heritage cattle are coming soon and should offer an excellent opportunity for you and your family to learn more about these declining breeds.  We believe that community involvement is instrumental in the revival of small family farms, and look forward to sharing our farm with our friends and neighbors. 

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